Parbat Siyani Construction Limited

The transition from design to construction is always a unique experience, At Parbat Siyani Construction, each client's needs are viewed as one of  a kind challenge; hence its workforce mission is to build the client's dream into reality by proposing innovative solutions that delivers the client highest work and service possible for the lowest cost possible .

Every project is handled with a level of experience, professionalism and continuity that in turn enables it to continue attractive,functional , cost effective and paralled solutions for its clients.

One name that is inspirable in construction is that of Parbat Siyani Construction Ltd. As an associate company of Seyani Brothers (Uganda & Tanzania) Ltd, within a short space of time, it has enjoyed a rich journey of excellence on its way being recognized as one of the leading civil engineering and general building and construction company in Kenya. Currently, the group has regional offices in the entire of East Africa region.

 With the vision of delivering  quality, economy, performance, safety and integrity coupled with the construction know-how, Parbat Siyani has made it possible to successifully construct an array of breath taking projects including industrial,  commercial, hotels and lodges real estates housing schemes academic facilities, financial facilities as well as health care.